Schroeder International LLC

International Executive Search – Retained Executive Recruiter

Management Services – Executive Sales Leadership Coach

New Business / Product / Organizational Development
Strategic Marketing / Sales Planning

Interim Management Change Management Consulting

Schroeder International LLC is committed to adding long term value as a confidential partner/trusted adviser to your unique organization and/management team.  We provide “exceptional  A-talent candidates who consistently improve revenue, profitability, market share and competitive dynamics” for each of our satisfied clients.

Our strategic focus is on all functional levels of Senior Executive Management, Business Development, Sales/Marketing, Engineering and Operations search assignments for wide range of …

Diversified Industrial Products and Manufacturing Technology companies in the North American and International markets.

The Schroeder International team members partner with our clients who need assistance in thinking about the future, seeing strategic opportunities and building profitable business organizations/teams to better compete against strong opposing forces and difficult market conditions.

Schroeder International LLC
Inverness, IL  60067

Steven W. Schroeder   (847)-951-3266  


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